AKC Rally Changes Seminar with Debbie Addicoat

9/3/2017 @ 9:00 AM at Family Dog Training Center with Kathy Lang | Map | Instructor Bio
Major changes are coming to AKC Rally effective November 1, with the addition of Intermediate and Masters classes, along with many new signs. Here is a link to the Regulations effective November 1: http://cdn.akc.org/Rally/AKC1086_ROR001_Yellow_Insert.pdf?_ga=2.149031350.122119806.1500829935-1011475634.1492288276

Join AKC Rally Judge Debbie Addicoat as she walks us through these changes. She’ll demonstrate the proper execution of the new signs and explain scoring. Debbie will help everyone understand the new Intermediate and Masters classes, along with the new Rally Championship title. Since Debbie also teaches Rally classes, she can give training suggestions for the new signs.

General information: Coffee, tea, soda and water, along with morning and afternoon snacks will be provided. Lunch is not provided; bring your own lunch or visit a nearby fast food restaurant. Bring your own comfortable chair, or use one of our folding plastic chairs.

Working dog teams should bring their own crate so their dog can relax when not working. Working dog teams should have Advanced/Excellent level skills (not necessarily titles). Auditors may bring dogs and crate them in our second, adjoining ring, provided they are not disruptive.

All participants will receive a photocopy of select pages from the new sections of the Rally Regulations. We recommend participants download the complete PDF and review it prior to the seminar. We will attempt to obtain new bound Rally Regulations books from the AKC in time for the seminar. We will also provide options for ordering new laminated signs and other supplies.

Working spots for handlers with dogs will be limited to 15. Working dog teams should have Rally Advanced/Excellent skills (not necessarily titles). Cost: $50.00
Auditor spots unlimited. Cost: $35.00

No refunds; however you may sell your spot to someone else provided you advise us via email.

Pre-registration required. Note: No aggressive or out-of-control dogs permitted at this workshop.
Auditing Spot (without dog) - $35.00
Working Spot with Dog - $50.00
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