Jennifer Mogren
Jennifer Jennifer grew up with shelties as family pets, but it was not until she got her own dog Lexi, a Yorkie-Shih Tzu mix, that she became involved in dog training. She began Puppy Manners classes with Lexi in 2012. By the time they graduated from Beginning Home Obedience, Jennifer was hooked and went on to take Competition Obedience classes, where she is plans to compete and earn titles in the near future. Jennifer and Lexi also recently began Agility classes. Her favorite part of training is the relationship it has helped her build with her dog, and she appreciated the way in which Family Dog believes that any breed of dog can learn! Jennifer was thrilled to be asked to join the apprenticeship program at Family Dog. Jennifer is currently enrolled in a Masters in Teaching program to become a high school teacher, and is looking forward to the way in which dog training and her career will overlap and complement each other.

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