Matthew Twitty Effective Skills & Drills for Competition Obedience June 10 - 12

6/10/2017 @ 9:00 AM at Family Dog Training Center with Kathy Lang | Map | Instructor Bio
SATURDAY & SUNDAY – Training with Matt continues to evolve during his return visit to the Seattle area. Join us for this very special weekend
where Matt shows us how to use drills that are FUN and MOTIVATIONAL to thoroughly teach all of the exercises in Novice, Open and Utility. Folks
who attended Matt’s first seminar will find that this weekend takes their training to the next level. First-time attendees will also learn Matt’s
approach to competition obedience. Saturday will begin with attention, recalls and the building blocks for all the exercises. Sunday expands on
Saturday’s foundation. Exercises will not be covered in the traditional format (first Novice, then Open, then Utility). Everyone will receive a copy of Matt’s workbook. Working spots are limited to 15 dog and handler teams for both days. Preference will be given to handlers who register for both days. There is one pre-requisite to sign up for a working spot: Dogs must have a fairly reliable retrieve (training method does not matter).

MONDAY - It’s all about distractions and the proper way to layer them into the exercises. Layering distractions keeps the dogs confident, engaged and enthusiastic – and makes training FUN. Monday working spots are open to anyone who attended Saturday & Sunday – either as a working team or as an auditor. Non-retrieving dogs may register for working spots and skip those proofing drills. Working spots will be expanded to 25 on this day and dogs will work in groups based on their levels of training, exercises, etc. Everyone will get involved as distractors, so it will be active and a lot of fun.

TUESDAY – Private Lessons. Sign up for a 30 or 60 minute lesson. Maximum of one dog per 30 minute session. Private lesson folks may observe other private lessons on Monday. You may video tape your lesson, if you choose. $50 for 30 minutes or $85 for 60 minutes.

Working Spot for All 3 Days: $350 / Working Spot for Saturday & Sunday: $250
Working Spot for Saturday & Sunday PLUS Auditing Spot for Monday: $315
Working Spot for Monday PLUS Auditing Spot for Saturday & Sunday: $275
Auditing Spot for All 3 Days: $200 / Auditing Spot for Any 2 Days: $150 / Auditing Spot for Any 1 Day: $85
Coffee, tea, muffins, lunches (sandwiches, soup, salads, vegetarian options, etc.) and snacks will be provided.
Auditing Spot for All 3 Days - $200.00
Auditing Spot for Monday - $85.00
Auditing Spot for Saturday - $85.00
Auditing Spot for Saturday & Monday - $150.00
Auditing Spot for Saturday & Sunday - $150.00
Auditing Spot for Sunday - $85.00
Auditing Spot for Sunday & Monday - $150.00
Working - Sat & Sun PLUS Audit for Mon - $315.00
Working Monday Only PLUS Audit for Sat & Sun - $275.00
Working Spot - All 3 Days - $350.00
Working Spot - Saturday & Sunday - $250.00
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