Trick Dog Training & Certification--Trick Dog 1

5/7/2017 @ 11:00 AM at Family Dog Training Center with Doug Fifield & Diana Doolittle | Map | Instructor Bio
* The American Kennel Club is now offering four levels of Trick Dog Titles that you can earn with your purebred and mixed breed dogs. Testing/certification may be administered by an AKC CGC Evaluator, and will be conducted at your final class! For more info:

Trick Dog 1 – Novice Trick Dog - May 7, May 14, & May 21
At the first class, Doug will demonstrate and teach the 20 tricks accepted for the Novice title. Tricks range from speak on command, to crawl, fetch, shake hands, roll over, spin and more. During the second class, Doug will help everyone perfect their tricks. At the third class, students will choose their 10 best tricks, review them with Doug and then demonstrate them for the AKC CGC Evaluator who will be present. Handlers will receive paperwork allowing them to apply for their official AKC certificate and include the title in their dog’s registered name.

Bring dogs and current training equipment to the first class. Bring lots of treats (different kinds are best – some hard, some soft, plus cheese, chicken, etc., in a small cooler).

These classes are for dogs with good focus and control. Classes are for fun (not just titles) and are open to purebred and mixed breed dogs. No aggressive or out-of-control dogs are permitted, so previous obedience classes are strongly recommended. The cost for each 3-week, 90-minute class is $100 and includes certification/testing paperwork at the final class. (Students who desire the AKC certificate will need to pay the $20 fee and send their paperwork to the AKC. Performer level titles require a video submission, per the AKC.)

Cost: $100.00
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